A pimple on Red

So a couple of weeks ago I accidentally bumped my car… Nothing serious but the front bumper doesn’t look good at all… I was devastated because the circumstances were undesirable,  but then again, what accident is ever appreciated… Alas, Red is only a material in my life and I move on with the more important…

Is it a holiday

So examinations are over and everybody is in holiday mode… The foreign students have gone home, the local students have settled in to winter mode… As for me, I decided to stay in CPT and do some freelance work… A good idea? Who knows, but am here and thats that… #ClownBoi

Examination Time

A little word for the exam time pressure relief… The Lord watches over His children even when their faith is shaken… Remember these words, “I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me”… He is not worried, why should you find an excuse to be… #ClownBoi